Family Support

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Western Panhandle Early Steps

Family Resource Specialist

Irma Cofield

As your Family Resource Specialist (FRS), I have served with the Early Steps Program for 30 years. I  know and understand the importance of family involvement in the development and care of your child. I have experienced the joys and concerns that go with caring for a child with special needs.

I am here to help you understand and navigate the Early Steps process, as well as provide you with information,  opportunities, community resources, support groups, and steps for transition to Pre-K.

Please call or email for assistance.

Phone: 850-377-9991







Informational Resources


Family Café


Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy


Center for Parent Information and Resources


Medical Diagnosis Resources


CDC Milestone Tracker


Potty Training

Disaster Planning Information 

Family Disaster Guides


Family Disaster Guide (Spanish)


Disaster Planning Kit